Construction projects can speed up the earth’s natural erosion process and lead to silt run off in waterways, damaging habitat for fish and wildlife.

Erosion control is an important step in preventing or limiting land loss and water pollution and reducing the impact of development on the environment.  Erosion control measures are taken in construction, building and agricultural projects to meet Provincial and Federal standards, and aim to protect the land from further damage.

Hydraulically applied tackifier helps to prevent the erosion of soil due to wind, rain or snow. These natural and synthetic particles bind to the soil and help to maintain seed beds and prevent unwanted movement of materials.

The use of soil tackifiers is an effective solution often used in between construction phases or during periods of seeding and growth.  Professionally applied tackifiers help to maintain soil conditions, prevent run off and promote germination.  Soil binders and mulch are used to stabilize the earth and limit the naturally occurring effects of erosion.

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